Welcome to Vknow

You love wine, we love wine, let's talk about wine

Vknow is the first and only wine educational platform of its kind designed to teach you about wine based off of what you already know and don’t know.

The first time you log in to Vknow, you’ll be greeted with an assessment-page. Be honest with yourself and your current wine knowledge because the assessment-page is vital to your future wine success; it provides us with the information you need the most in order to become a wine pro.

Vknow was designed with you in mind. Make this learning experience as customizable to your wine needs as you’d like. Feel free to jump around; you can start, stop, and pause any course module depending on your mood.

Course Modules

  • 1production + structure
  • 2red wine
  • 3white wine
  • 4sparkling wine
  • 5rosé
  • 6late harvest + fortified wine
  • 7service