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This is a whole course focused on learning the ins and outs of wine. Now, wine as you probably know, can be an intimidating subject. There is a lot to know and a lot to take in, the whys and the why nots. You will learn all of that right here. We are going to go over the grapes, regions, tasting structure, service methods, wine making techniques, among other topics. You will learn everything from A to Z – everything you need to know about wine to be a restaurant professional.

We are very excited to bring this to you, and we hope you are excited to learn!


What is Vknow

Vknow is the first personalized wine education platform that provides an individualized learning experience based on the user’s existing knowledge level. This is done using the latest learning technologies combined with a large curriculum curated by Sommelier Caleb Ganzer, that has outlined the most important knowledge base for novices, wine connoisseurs, and professionals alike. The course can be accessed via a browser, tablet or smartphone, and gives you an opportunity to practice and rehearse your skills.


What people are saying

“This online course will change the conversation surrounding wine education for the years to come. Using adaptive learning techniques, this gives the learner the opportunity to digest and understand the ins and outs of the world of wine without rote memorization, or redundant exercises. The result is remarkable, really allowing the user to gain useful expertise on their own schedule and adapted to their level of knowledge. And all this at a fraction of the price of the formal in class options on the market today.”

Rajat Parr,
Former Sommelier &
Proprietor, Sandhi Wines